Eat Like You Give a F*ck

A friend recommended that I look at this entire experience as gaining new foods as opposed to taking things away so, despite the fact that I’m still mourning the loss of cheesy fries, I ordered some bomber cookbooks and went to the store (also, because eating every meal from a vegan-friendly restaurant means that Santa probably won’t make it next year).

In ordering the new cookbooks, I realized that it is going to be a lot easier than expected to find things to eat and to approach this new diet with a sense of humor – exhibit A: Thug Kitchen, Eat Like You Give a F*ck.

I was especially happy to learn that Thug Kitchen continued to be entertaining beyond the title and the recipes seemed edible… like Warm the F*ck Up Minestrone.


While not as entertaining, the Oh She Glows cookbook was paramount since it has quick and easy recipes because who are we kidding… going vegan doesn’t mean my professors stop assigning work or that my children suddenly end their favorite game of spreading toys throughout the house. Fortunately, these recipes also looked good.


The shopping adventure at first was a little tricky – the salmon looked fabulous and the Iggy’s sourdough bread was calling out to me (my kids don’t call it “yummy bread” for nothing). However, I set off to get some colorful veggies to attempt a Vegan Root Veggies and Spicy Vegan Sausage Roast. Sure, it sounds (and initially looked) scary but in the end even Donny liked it. Also, just because I have some fancy new cookbooks does not mean I’m not looking for your favorite vegan recipes so please, please post them on here!