Finding the Balance…

Ever since I was a youngster, I was never big on the idea of idle time.  My list of extracurricular activities in high school still makes me feel overwhelmed; however, I can’t say that much has changed.  Thus, I am still trying to establish a healthy balance between marathon training, marathon fundraising, my full-time job at Dana-Farber, taking care of Gus, snuggling with Kiley, spending QT with Donny, and of course, the normal to-do’s (shopping, cleaning, etc).

With that being said, this morning I was able to take some time to just chill with Gus.  We spent some time working on one of my favorite Penn State fight songs in hopes that he’ll be ready to go by next season.  He also decided to shoot another video of none other than himself.  Thus, I felt compelled to share Gussy’s Sunday Morning Sing-Along.  Enjoy!

If you think Gus (the miracle baby) is awesome and want to give other pediatric cancer patients a shot at having their own children one day, please consider donating.


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